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Launching Fitler Square Strategies

It's probably cliche to make this announcement on the first day back after New Years, but I'm happy to announce that I’m starting my own crisis and strategic communications firm, Fitler Square Strategies.

I spent eight years as Governor Wolf’s Communications Director. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced every type of crisis from weather emergencies to tragedies to legislative and policy issues to employment and organizational challenges.

I was lucky to join the governor’s office at a transitional time for communications and media.

On our first day in the office, we had one digital communications professional. We were able to build a team of dozens of digital communicators across state government. When we arrived digital communications were an afterthought in state government. Now, digital communicators lead several agencies and digital communication is a primary tool.

We worked with news outlets on every issue imaginable under all conditions and deadlines.

We consolidated our marketing efforts. We were able to save money for agencies while running a ~$10 million annual marketing budget.

And while there were frustrations in dealing with a legislature controlled by the opposite party, we used communications and strategy to make progress in Harrisburg.

I’m thankful for everybody who I had the privilege of working with at the governor’s office. I’m proud of our work. I’m excited to take the lessons I learned in government, political campaigns, and advocacy to help clients in Pennsylvania and nationally.

After a few months of (kind of) relaxation, I’m refreshed and eager to learn how I can help organizations of all shapes and sizes advance their goals in 2022 and beyond. I’m looking forward to adding to a roster of clients who face complex challenges and need strategic solutions.

I am a planner who can help clients mitigate risk and address crises when they arise. I can put together a long-term communications plan or help you fix an immediate challenge. I can work across channels and media and put together a multi-million dollar paid media plan or an editorial calendar. I’m excited to take my experience in the most difficult communications environments imaginable and help others navigate their challenges.

Take a look and feel free to reach out


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