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Communications Audits

Let us help your organization get the most out of your in-house communications team. We will review your existing structure and process and work with your team to implement improvements. We have experience conducting internal assessments and using data, surveys, and other research to determine the best strategy for your organization. From communications and vulnerability audits to self or competitor research, we can help your organization assess the environment and develop the right strategy to succeed.

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Communications Audits 

A communications audit systematically reviews and evaluates an organization's internal and external communications channels and processes. A communications audit aims to assess the effectiveness of an organization's current communications strategies and identify any areas that need improvement.

During a communications audit, we will examine various aspects of its communication practices, including the types of communication channels it uses, the content and messaging of its communications, the frequency and timing, and the target audience for its communications. The audit may also involve gathering feedback from stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and other external audiences, to understand how well the organization's communications are being received.


The results of a communications audit can help an organization identify and address any weaknesses in its communication practices, improve the effectiveness of its communication efforts, and better align its communication strategies with its overall business goals.

Every communications audit varies based on the needs of the organization and the existing communications plans, but here are a few things we will evaluate.

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