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How to Conduct a Communications Audit for Your Organization

We have helped large organizations usher through significant projects and initiatives, from digital transformation to organizational restructuring. Let us help your organization get the most out of your in-house communications team. We will review your existing structure and process and work with your team to implement improvements. We have experience conducting internal assessments and using data, surveys, and other research to determine the best strategy for your organization. From communications and vulnerability audits to self or competitor research, we can help your organization assess the environment and develop the right strategy to succeed.

Review Communications Organization and Personnel

One of the first tasks is to understand the structure and personnel of the organization. How are decisions made? How do materials get approved? Are people and roles matched to strengths, or can an organization optimize its talent? We'll interview personnel and stakeholders to learn more and make sure the organization charts make sense, and your staff is in the right place, doing the right job. We'll also look at the processes and procedures in place and any project management tools to ensure you are optimizing your teams' time and work.

Analyze the Communications Plan

We will look at your organization's communications plan (if you have one) and dig into the goals, audiences, messages, and tactics. We will take a close look at three things to make sure your efforts are meeting your goals. We will look at the communications tools and channels your company uses. 

  1. Communication Channels: We will examine how the organization communicates with its employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders and evaluate the effectiveness of these channels.

  2. Content and Messaging: We will evaluate the clarity, relevance, and accuracy of the information communicated to different audiences.

  3. Timing and Frequency: We will evaluate whether the organization is communicating with its stakeholders at the right times and in the right way.

  4. Internal Communications: We will review how the organization shares information internally and how well employees are engaged and activated within your organization. 

Gather and Review Stakeholder Feedback

We will also talk with key stakeholders. We will survey employees, customers, and other stakeholders to get their thoughts on the organization's communication practices and identify any areas for improvement. We gather this feedback in one-on-one interviews, group interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We summarize and analyze the information to determine what is working well and what needs improvement. 

Assess Communications Measurements and Outputs

We will ensure you have the right measurements to evaluate progress against your goals based on your communications plans. We'll suggest better measurements and help refine your goals to be specific, measurable, actionable, and time-limited.

Findings and Recommendations 

After we gather information, we will review and summarize it into a findings report with distinct findings and recommendations as well as additional tools like a SWOT analysis and a quantitative review of the organization's communications channels. We will provide feedback on the internal communications strategy as well as the external communications strategy. Most importantly, we will provide recommendations for how to improve efforts whether it is better protocols and approvals, new technology, or messaging changes. We will provide recommendations on changes to your current communications plan to make sure it aligns with your organization's goals. 


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