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Who We Work With

We provide a variety of public relations services with a specialty in advocacy and crisis communications. We also assist large organizations with communications audits and management consulting for their communications offices.

Here's a selection of who we've worked with. 

Who We Work With

Crisis Communications

Managing Crisis Communications in the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is subject to constant scrutiny from many stakeholders, including customers and regulators. We worked with a West Coast hospitality company to develop a crisis communications response and holding statements in anticipation of a breaking crisis. We talked with the company’s leadership and reviewed their unique story to ensure we tailored the responses and strategy to their organization and community. Ultimately, we prepared the company to respond to a disruptive outside announcement.

Navigating a Personnel Issue at an Academic Institution

Academic institutions have many vulnerabilities that could trigger a crisis response. We worked with an academic institution on its media response to a sensitive personnel issue, ensuring that their community was informed as news broke and they navigated a challenging and emotional situation.

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We are a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based public affairs firm that offers a full range of public relations, crisis communications, strategic communications, and advocacy services to corporate, nonprofit, political, and government clients.


We specialize in crisis preparedness and crisis communications for organizations of all sizes that face challenges to their reputations as well as organizational consulting for communications offices and operations.

From long-term strategic planning to responding to an immediate crisis, we can create and execute a communications plan that will help your organization communicate with its audiences.

Let us help you solve your most pressing communications problems.

2401 Walnut Street,
Suite 102,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 326-9105

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