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Who We Work With

We provide strategic communications and organizational strategy, crisis communications planning and response, and public affairs counsel. We are happy to talk with you about how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

Who We Work With

Navigating Complex Challenges in the Higher Education Space

Communicating in the higher education space is complex and challenging. Institutions of higher education have many stakeholders, including students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and more. We worked with an institution of higher education on two simultaneous communications projects. With our partners, we contributed to a holistic review of the institution's communications strategy and organization while executing a multi-channel public affairs campaign.

Managing Crisis Communications in the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is subject to constant scrutiny from many stakeholders, including customers and regulators. We worked with a West Coast hospitality company to develop a crisis communications response and holding statements in anticipation of a breaking crisis. We talked with the company’s leadership and reviewed their unique story to ensure we tailored the responses and strategy to their organization and community. Ultimately, we prepared the company to respond to a disruptive outside announcement.

Fighting for Transparency and Increasing Engagement Around Redistricting

Every ten years, states engage in a redistricting process. In Pennsylvania, we worked with an organization committed to improving the process for citizens by increasing transparency and engagement. We secured media coverage, including favorable editorials and television coverage throughout the commonwealth, calling on legislators to listen to their constituents and open the process to citizens. While the legislature fell short of the organization’s calls, the process included more hearings and input from citizens than ever before as well as fairer maps for the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Advocating for Regional Infrastructure Funding

When the federal government passed the infrastructure bill, it created several funding streams, including competitive discretionary funding. We worked with a prominent regional economic development organization to advocate for the federal government to fund projects in the area. We collaborated to develop and place media collateral around a visit to the region by the President.

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