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Crisis Communications Firm

Fitler Square Strategies is a top crisis communications firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with nationwide experience. We work with clients on reputation management, crisis management, risk management, strategic communications, internal communications, issues management, and crisis response.


We have extensive crisis management experience. We have experience in a variety of industries including legal services and litigation, energy, hospitality, educational, and health care institutions. We tailor our efforts to the unique needs of our clients and we provide a variety of public relations services from media relations to paid advertising to help clients prepare for a crisis, manage a crisis, and get through the news cycle so they can return to regular business as fast as possible. Read our insights to learn more about our approach.  


Whether you need immediate help in a crisis or long-term crisis preparedness planning, we can help you navigate reputational challenges. We can work with your organization to assess your preparedness, mitigate vulnerabilities, run tabletop exercises, write a crisis communications plan, and fight back against challenges to your organization or campaign. We will use our experience responding to the most challenging situations to help your organization manage its reputation. 

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Crisis Communications Plans

We work with clients to determine the types of crisis that your organization might face such as natural disasters, data breach, product recall, employee misconduct, or any other disruptive events. Based on these conversations we identify the members of a crisis communications team, which may include senior executives, legal, human resources, public relations, and IT staff.

Our team develops a plan that includes goals, tactics, crisis teams, holding statements and content, approval processes, and internal and external notification strategies that will ensure that your team is prepared for a crisis. We help develop a protocol for determining who will be responsible for communicating during a crisis, what communication channels will be used, and how often the updates will be provided. 

Table Top Exercises and Crisis Training  

We work with clients to help organizations prepare by scheduling and running table top exercises and crisis trainings focused on public relations. We run scenarios of potential crises for your team to enhance preparedness and measure how well the crisis communication strategy is working. Table top trainings simulate an emergency or crisis situations in a controlled environment. In this exercise, participants are taken through a hypothetical scenario and are asked to react and take action accordingly. When we develop and run table top exercises we test the participants' knowledge, skills, and decision-making abilities based on the crisis communications plan.

On Call and Emergency Crisis Communications Services 

In addition to planning and training, we provide on call and emergency crisis communications services. We help our clients provide real-time communication channels for critical information to be shared with stakeholders and the public at large. We work with clients to manage their response to a crisis by offering quick and effective communication channels to manage urgent situations and minimize the impact of a crisis. 

Crisis Media Monitoring 

​Misinformation and reputation harming content travels fast, and we help clients monitor their reputations so they are aware of public narratives and potential problems as soon as they arise. Public awareness of a problem or crisis often occurs before a company is aware and misinformation or disinformation can travel fast before an organization can respond. Before you know it the court of public opinion could have already sided against you, and organizations and individuals might be attacking you. By monitoring your organization's reputation, we can help get ahead of problems before they become full blown crises. 

Executive Counsel for Crisis Situations 

We have worked with high-profile executives and we know how to help them guide their organization during a crisis. Whether it is a governor or a CEO we provide sound counsel during crisis events. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped a governor guide the state's response. We know the best practices for dealing with high-profile leaders including discretion. 

​Rapid Response 

We can help your organization establish a rapid response protocol and command center operations and procedures.  We can identify the key stakeholders and personnel who will be involved in the rapid response and command center including representatives from different departments such as operations, communications, logistics, and legal. We can help share and operationalize your crisis communications plan to guide your rapid response. We have worked with emergency management organizations and high-profile political campaigns to provide rapid response. 

Crisis PR and Ongoing PR

We are a public relations agency that specializes in crisis management. We can lead your public relations response to a crisis including media relations and outreach, paid media, and social media to respond to and resolve crises. 

In addition to our crisis work, we can help your organization develop a track of proactive communications efforts that build your reputation so you have goodwill and capital when you are faced with a difficult situation. A PR agency should always work to promote and protect your organization, meaning that your goals and tactics should help to mitigate vulnerabilities and build credibility that can survive a crisis. While we are a crisis PR agency, we understand the importance of brand and reputation building on blue sky days. 

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We are a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based public affairs firm that offers a full range of public relations, crisis communications, strategic communications, and advocacy services to corporate, nonprofit, political, and government clients.


We specialize in crisis preparedness and crisis communications for organizations of all sizes that face challenges to their reputations as well as organizational consulting for communications offices and operations.

From long-term strategic planning to responding to an immediate crisis, we can create and execute a communications plan that will help your organization communicate with its audiences.

Let us help you solve your most pressing communications problems.

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