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Crisis Management for Law Firms and Litigation: Why to Partner with a Crisis Communications Firm

Law firms face many challenges when it comes to managing litigation and legal battles on behalf of their clients. Beyond the courtroom, the court of public opinion can significantly impact a case's outcome and reputation. That's where partnering with a trusted crisis communications firm becomes crucial.

Litigation and legal challenges can do repetitional damage to your clients. As legal firms manage the legal response, they often need a partner to manage the public response. Legal challenges can quickly turn into crisis situations if you do not have the right crisis communications partner with experience in crisis and litigation communications.

At Fitler Square Strategies, we understand the unique landscape firms operate in and the importance of a strong public relations response during legal turmoil.

What to look for in a crisis communications firm for litigation and legal affairs?

Experience in Legal Affairs and Litigation Communications

It can be challenging for public relations firms to navigate complex litigation and legal disputes. When a crisis hits, it's important that your crisis communications firm has managed public responses to high-profile litigation. Fitler Square Strategies has experience at all levels of the legal system in Pennsylvania. We have worked with the Governor's Office of General Counsel to develop responses to proactive and reactive litigation and legal strategies. We also have experience in criminal proceedings. Our experience in litigation communication will help your firm and clients respond effectively and swiftly to their legal challenges.

Expertise in Crisis Management and Communications

Navigating a crisis requires specialized public relations and communications expertise beyond legal knowledge. Crisis communications firms like Fitler Square Strategies are equipped with a team of seasoned professionals with the skills and experience to handle sensitive and high-stakes situations. From strategic planning to crisis response execution, we are well-versed in crafting effective crisis messaging and managing media relations to protect your clients' reputations. We have developed complex communications plans for crises and litigation. We have helped navigate high-profile communications situations in Pennsylvania and throughout the country.

Protecting Reputation and Preserving Trust

Litigation can have far-reaching consequences on a client's reputation. In the court of public opinion, perceptions matter. A crisis communications firm understands the importance of safeguarding reputation and preserving trust. Our tailored communication strategies can help shape the narrative, mitigate negative publicity, and maintain the public's confidence in your clients' integrity and capabilities. We can provide communications counsel to your firm and your clients and help ensure that your clients emerge from their legal challenges with a strong reputation.

Swift Response and Proactive Planning

In times of crisis, time is of the essence. A crisis communications firm can provide immediate support, ensuring a swift and effective response. At Fitler Square Strategies, we are well-versed in crisis response protocols. We can help your firm proactively plan for potential scenarios. By developing comprehensive crisis communication strategies in advance, we ensure that your firm and clients are well-prepared to handle legal challenges.

Media Relations and Messaging Expertise

Media attention during litigation can be intense and relentless. Legal firms must have a cohesive and consistent message when interacting with the press and the public. A crisis communications firm understands the nuances of media relations. It can serve as a liaison between your firm and the media. We excel at crafting strategic media statements, coordinating press conferences, and facilitating interviews, ensuring your firm's perspective accurately represents and aligns with your litigation strategy.

Social Media Management

Social media platforms play a critical role in shaping public opinion. A crisis communications firm can help law firms effectively manage social media during litigation. We have the expertise to monitor and address potential threats or negative sentiment, respond promptly to inquiries, and provide guidance on navigating social media channels to protect your client's reputation and foster a positive public perception.

Law firms cannot afford to neglect the importance of a robust public relations response when navigating litigation and legal challenges. By partnering with a crisis communications firm like Fitler Square Strategies, legal firms can ensure that their client's reputation remains intact, trust is preserved, and the narrative surrounding the case is effectively managed. Our expertise in crisis management and communications, swift response capabilities, media relations proficiency, and social media management skills make us a valuable partner in helping law firms successfully guide their clients through the complexities of legal battles while maintaining a strong public image.


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