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John Fetterman's Communications Style and Consistency on Key Issues

John Fetterman is a lightning rod. First, Republicans and conservatives tried to turn him into a boogeyman.

Now progressives are upset. 

But is the Senator pulling a Sinema? No. 

Thanks to Ben Mathis-Lilley at Slate for talking with me about the Senator, his consistency on issues like Israel and immigration, and his political communications style. 

Here's my take on the John Fetterman's communications style and his consistency over the years.

“I think what people are noticing is just his stylistic approach,” says Mark Nicastre, a former spokesman for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, citing Fetterman’s political origins as a small-town mayor who earned national attention for his positions on marriage equality and marijuana laws. “When he stakes out a position, he loudly stakes it out. He uses his full communications toolbox, as it were.” (As Nicastre notes, Fetterman stated his current position on Israel with equal force when he was running for Senate in 2022.)


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