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RCP: Governor Josh Shapiro’s Impressive First 100 Days

In Pennsylvania, Governor Josh Shapiro is reaching his first 100 days in office. It's a small sample size, but so far Gov. Shapiro has built a strong foundation for the rest of his administration.

Shapiro and his team have built a strong foundation for the remaining 97 percent of his time in office. He has shaped his administration and the bureaucratic apparatus to meet his goals and strategy. He has handled an early crisis deftly. And he has taken creative and popular steps to fix complex problems that affect millions of Pennsylvanians.

One hundred days can’t tell us everything, of course. Governor Shapiro will face more crises, and issues will emerge that will challenge him and his team. But so far, Pennsylvanians can take heart in their new governor’s bipartisan strategy and steady approach.


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