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Maximizing Your Organization's Impact with a Top PA Public Affairs Firm

If you're searching for a leading public affairs firm in Pennsylvania, Fitler Square Strategies can be your partner. We have expertise in strategic communications, public relations, and advocacy.

We provide many services to help navigate the intersection of government, business, and the public. We are a full-service public affairs consulting firm specializing in services from PR to digital to direct contact to overall planning.

We help shape perceptions, influence policy decisions, and manage relationships between organizations, government entities, and the general public.

We run issue advocacy campaigns to promote causes or initiatives that include advertising, social media outreach, and targeted communications to raise awareness and build support.

We have worked at the highest levels of government - including federal, state, and local governments - and on some of the most challenging issues in Pennsylvania and nationally.

As a leading Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based public affairs consultant, we develop and execute public affairs campaigns that can make your advocacy plans a reality. We deliver results and find solutions.

Here's how our public affairs firm can help you.

Policy Advocacy

Over the last 15 years, we have been involved in almost every advocacy fight in Pennsylvania. We understand the nexus between policy and communications. We take that experience and help our clients win.

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement professional issue advocacy efforts. We collaborate closely to understand goals and messages. We work to mobilize stakeholders, and engage the public and key decision makers. We identify key stakeholders and target audiences by conducting in-depth research and analysis.

One of our primary objectives is to raise awareness about our clients' issues. We develop comprehensive communication plans using various channels, such as media outreach, social media, and direct engagement with community organizations, opinion leaders, and influencers.

Mobilizing stakeholders is another essential component of our advocacy efforts. We build relationships and partnerships with relevant organizations, policymakers, and community leaders. We strive to build consensus and support for positions by convening stakeholders and facilitating dialogue.

In addition to engaging with established stakeholders, we develop grassroots and grasstops communications plans. We empower individuals and communities to take action, whether by signing petitions, attending events, or contacting elected officials. We also work to influence policy decisions by engaging with influential leaders at the local, state, and national levels.

We create a comprehensive advocacy plan that effectively communicates positions, mobilizes support, and achieves objectives. Through close collaboration, strategic planning, and targeted outreach, we are committed to making a tangible impact through advocacy.

Strategic Communications

Maintaining a positive image is crucial for any organization. We help our clients manage their reputations through strategic communication and media relations. We monitor media coverage, respond to negative publicity, and develop communication plans to address potential issues that may arise.

By proactively managing our clients' reputations, we aim to minimize the impact of any negative publicity and ensure their image remains strong and positive. Our strategic communication plans involve crafting messages that align with our client's values and goals while resonating with their target audience.

Monitoring media coverage is an essential aspect of reputation management. We keep a close eye on news articles, social media posts, and other forms of media to track any mentions of our clients and their brand. This lets us stay updated on public perception and promptly address any issues.

Responding to negative publicity requires a careful approach. We work to develop thoughtful and effective responses that address the concerns raised while upholding their reputation. We are skilled in handling crises and negative situations, ensuring the right voices are heard.

Preparing for potential issues is a proactive measure that can prevent reputational damage. By developing communication plans in advance, we can anticipate possible challenges and outline ways to address them. We can respond swiftly and effectively when faced with a crisis, minimizing its impact on their image.

Maintaining a positive image is crucial, and we manage reputations through communications. We monitor media coverage, respond to negative publicity, and develop communication plans to address potential issues. We strive to ensure our clients' image remains strong and positive by providing comprehensive reputation management services.

Stakeholder Engagement

We identify and engage key stakeholders, including community groups, non-profit organizations, industry associations, and influencers. Building strong relationships with these stakeholders is essential for gaining support for initiatives and maintaining a favorable reputation. By understanding the needs and interests of these stakeholders, we can develop tailored strategies and communication plans to effectively engage with them, including hosting community events, attending industry conferences, or partnering with non-profits on shared initiatives.

Our team works closely to map out stakeholder networks and identify key individuals or organizations that can influence public opinion or policy decisions. We help establish productive relationships with these stakeholders through targeted outreach, fostering trust and credibility.

Maintaining an open line of communication is crucial in building strong relationships. We regularly update stakeholders on initiatives, seek their input and feedback, and address any concerns or issues that may arise. Our proactive approach helps ensure stakeholders feel valued and involved in decision-making.

In addition, we identify and collaborate with influencers and thought leaders who can amplify their message and expand their reach, including prominent individuals in the community, experts in the industry, or personalities.

Building strong relationships with key stakeholders is an ongoing effort. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help navigate any challenges or opportunities that may arise, including monitoring public sentiment, addressing emerging issues, and continuously refining strategies to maintain a positive reputation.

Media Relations

We work to generate positive news coverage and manage media inquiries on behalf of our clients. We craft press releases, organize press conferences, and pitch distinctive stories to journalists to ensure our clients' messages are effectively conveyed to the public. Our main objective is to generate positive news coverage for our clients and handle any media inquiries they may receive. We craft well-written press releases highlighting the key messages and updates our clients want to share with the public. We distribute them to various news outlets to ensure maximum coverage.

Additionally, we organize press conferences where our clients can directly communicate with journalists and answer their questions to help them build strong relationships with the media.

Furthermore, we proactively pitch unique and noteworthy stories to journalists to garner interest. By finding newsworthy angles that align with the interests of different outlets, we increase the chances of our clients' stories being picked up and covered.

Our role is to strategically manage our clients' media presence by crafting effective messages, organizing events, and engaging with journalists. Doing so ensures that our clients' messages are accurately and positively conveyed to the public, enhancing their reputation and brand image.

Direct Contact Campaigns

We develop and execute direct contact campaigns that include email and text messaging to help inform and activate constituents. We use leading programs to ensure your constituents and supporters can join your coalition and support your cause. We help you connect with members of the community and amplify your message. We can build savvy grassroots mobilization efforts that will move decision-makers. Our direct contact campaigns are designed to effectively engage and mobilize your constituents. Through email and text messaging, we ensure that your supporters are well-informed about your cause and encouraged to take action. Utilizing industry-leading programs, we enable your constituents to easily join your coalition and lend their support.

Connecting with community members is crucial for spreading your message, and we specialize in amplifying your reach. Building grassroots mobilization efforts can effectively influence decision-makers and bring about positive change. Our efforts are tailored to be strategic and impactful, ensuring that your cause receives the attention it deserves.

Stakeholder Management

Fitler Square Strategies helps organizations manage their stakeholders, provide updates, and activate them to help support their efforts. Our team helps ensure their most important voices are informed and ready to advocate for their cause. We work closely to identify their key stakeholders, such as employees, customers, shareholders, and community members. We then develop strategies to effectively communicate with and engage these stakeholders.

We understand the importance of providing stakeholders with regular updates and information about the organization's goals, initiatives, and progress. We create targeted communication plans, utilizing various channels, such as newsletters, social media, and town hall meetings, to ensure stakeholders are well-informed and involved.

In addition to keeping stakeholders informed, we help activate stakeholders to support campaigns and initiatives. We develop advocacy programs and activities that encourage stakeholders to take action, whether signing petitions, attending events, or reaching out to their elected representatives.

We provide comprehensive stakeholder management services to ensure our clients have a strong and supportive network that can help drive their organization forward.

Paid Media Campaigns

Fitler Square Strategies plans and executes paid media efforts that move public perception. We can deliver results on any budget and reach key decisionmakers. We have run paid media efforts from $100 to $5 million. We have extensive experience creating and managing paid campaigns that effectively influence public opinion. Whether you have a modest or substantial budget, we can tailor our strategies to meet your specific needs.

With our expertise, we can help you reach key decisionmakers within your target audience through various paid channels. From social media advertising to display ads and sponsored content, we know how to optimize your budget to ensure maximum impact.

Public Affairs Research and Analysis

We work with partners to research and analyze public opinion, legislative trends, and policy developments. Using this research, we can help make informed decisions and refine their advocacy efforts.

We act as a strategic partner, providing expert guidance to navigate the complex challenges of public perception, government relations, and advocacy.

We integrate advocacy, public relations, stakeholder engagement, and research. We help our clients achieve their goals while building and safeguarding their reputations in an ever-evolving public environment.


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