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Partner with a Crisis PR Firm for Your Communication Plan

Do you know you need a crisis communications plan, but you're staring at a blank page?

Working with a public relations firm with specific experience in crisis management, crisis communications, and reputation management can help break your writer's block and prepare your team to handle a crisis.

We know that if you're unprepared for a crisis, it can critically damage reputations, leading to negative stories, bad press coverage, and spiraling social media responses.

A crisis communications plan can help your communications efforts and ensure you are prepared to handle any crisis or reputation-damaging scenario.

First, why do you need a crisis communications plan?

Often, organizations think it is not worth putting together a crisis communications plan because they cannot possibly prepare for every situation and scenario. But a crisis communications plan can provide a valuable roadmap for your team when a crisis strikes. A plan can lay out roles and responsibilities and help structure your team's response. It can also be a valuable training resource for your team. A crisis plan is an important internal communications tool that can organize your thinking and response, making repetitional challenges easier to manage.

Second, why do you need to work with a PR firm that specializes in crisis management?

Some PR firms work with specific industries or issues. Some pr agencies focus on corporate communications, media relations, SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, or media training, while others only work in specific industries like pharmaceuticals. At Fitler Square Strategies, we work across issues and industries and specialize in crisis management and communications. We have led the response to some of the most difficult issues, from COVID-19 to personnel issues. We help organizations with internal and external communications and work with their PR team to develop crisis plans that are adaptable and responsive to the needs of the organization.

Here are three ways a top crisis PR firm can help your organization develop a plan and mitigate possible situations.

Expertise and Best Practices in Crisis Public Relations

Crisis communications agencies have experienced professionals who are well-versed in handling various crises across different industries. At Fitler Square Strategies, we bring expertise and knowledge of best practices. We can assess your organization's specific risks and vulnerabilities, draw from our experience, and provide valuable insights on structuring your plan effectively. Our knowledge of successful crisis response strategies can help you develop a plan that aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment, Scenario Planning, and Training

We have been through every imaginable situation and helped to lead responses. Fitler Square Strategies can conduct a thorough risk assessment for your organization, identifying potential crisis scenarios you may face. We can help you prioritize these scenarios based on their impact and likelihood, ensuring that you focus on the most critical risks. Importantly, we can develop approvals, procedures, and protocols to ensure you have a framework to respond to unplanned situations. With our understanding of crisis trends and emerging threats, we can guide you in preparing for foreseeable and unforeseeable crises. Our scenario planning lays the foundation for developing tailored communication strategies for each potential crisis.

Tailored Crisis PR Plan Development

Fitler Square Strategies understands that each organization is unique, with its own culture, values, and stakeholders. We can work closely with your team to develop a crisis communications plan tailored to your organization's needs and circumstances. We can help craft key messages, determine appropriate communication channels, and define roles and responsibilities within your organization's crisis communication team. Customizing the plan to fit your organization's profile ensures that the crisis communication strategies resonate with your stakeholders and align with your brand identity.

Crisis Plan Implementation and Strategic Communications Support

Fitler Square Strategies can work with your organization after you develop your crisis communications plan to ensure you have the support and expertise to handle any crisis. When a crisis hits, we can provide ongoing support. First, we can assess the crisis and gather all relevant information, including potential risks and impacts on the organization. We can work with the PR team and larger organizations to activate the crisis team based on the plan that identified key individuals responsible for implementing the crisis plan. The plan will assign roles and responsibilities to team members. Lastly, we can help implement the crisis plan according to the established procedures and protocols, including communication strategies, decision-making processes, and resource allocation.

The best crisis pr agencies conduct crisis simulations and drills to test the effectiveness of your plan. At Fitler Square Strategies, we develop and run crisis management plans with your entire team based on your needs and the scenarios that could impact your organization.

We also offer ongoing support and consultation during a crisis, helping you implement the plan in real time and adapt the communication strategies as needed.

We bring specialized expertise, objective perspectives, and tailored solutions to the table, ensuring that your crisis communications plan is comprehensive, well-structured, and responsive to your organization's unique challenges. Our assistance can significantly enhance your preparedness to handle crises and protect your organization's reputation during difficult times.


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