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Crafting a Media Relations Strategy for the 2023 PA Legislative Session

Following the 2022 elections, Pennsylvania's government will have new leaders in the House and the Governor's office. Democrats won the majority of seats in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Josh Shapiro won the election as Governor. This offers opportunities for organizations to make progress on their issues or legislation.

If your organization wants to use media relations and public relations to try to pass legislation through the General Assembly in 2023, you should follow these steps:

Research the Political and Legislative Environment in Pennsylvania

Research the current political climate and priorities of the new legislature and administration to understand what issues are likely to be most important to them. This will help your organization tailor their legislation to align with key decision-makers' priorities while informing how to position the legislation politically.

Develop Clear Messages and Collateral Materials

Create a clear and compelling case for the legislation, including facts and data that support its necessity and potential benefits. This could include conducting research and analysis, gathering testimonials, and developing collateral materials.

Build a Media Relations Plan

Develop a comprehensive media relations strategy starting with goals, audiences, and messages. Then define the tactics your organization should use, including identifying key reporters and media outlets that are likely to be interested in the organization's legislation or whose coverage area overlaps with key decision-makers.

Execute the Media Relations Plan and Reach Out to Reporters

Engage with reporters and media outlets to share information about the organization's legislation and its potential benefits and provide expert insights and analysis on the issue. Your organization should provide quotes for articles, participate in interviews, and write opinion pieces for relevant publications.

Monitor Media Coverage

Monitor media coverage of the organization's legislation and be prepared to respond to any developments or challenges. You could need to respond to inaccuracies or misconceptions in the media and provide additional information and support to reporters covering the legislation.

Using media relations effectively will require a combination of proactive outreach and ongoing engagement to ensure that the organization's legislation receives the attention and support it needs to pass through the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2023.

Next year will offer many opportunities for organizations to advance their goals in Harrisburg through the legislature and administration but your organization needs to get started now and put together a strong plan.

Fitler Square Strategies can help your organization get out its message and reach the right leaders using media relations and public relations in Pennsylvania.


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