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Real Clear Politics: Three Zero Cost Reforms for Pennsylvania's Budget

Pennsylvania's budget season is coming to a (maybe?) crescendo.

With billions of dollars in decisions coming in the next few weeks, how can lawmakers make Pennsylvania a more attractive place to live and work with some easy, zero cost budget and policy reforms like occupational licensing reform, banning non compete clauses, and reforming Pennsylvania's zoning code.

If you ask people why they move – outside of family considerations – they usually give you three reasons. First, housing affordability. Second, job availability and wages. Third, weather.
With Democrats in control of the House and Republicans holding the Senate, the budget negotiations will look different than the recent past. Legislators will need to make compromises with one another as they consider the governor’s proposals.
There seems to be some agreement to accelerate corporate tax cuts already in place. These new cuts could bring down the corporate tax rate to 4.99% by 2026 instead of 2031. And plans to fund schools, training, and workforce development generally enjoy bipartisan support.
But how can legislators create jobs, kick-start growth, and make Pennsylvania more economically equitable without increasing spending or messing with the tax code? Here are some areas where an immediate impact could be made.


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