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"If you aren’t proactive, expect to be reactive eventually."

I saw this quote recently regarding health and exercise, but it really struck me that it also applies to communications, especially crisis communications.

You need a lane of proactive communications that builds goodwill amongst your audiences.

But being proactive also means planning and training for the worst. The most prepared organizations have crisis communications plans that they are constantly fine-tuning and using in tabletop trainings.

Every team member needs to know how to execute the plan and what their role is when a crisis strikes.

It’s impossible to make that up on the fly, and if you don’t have a plan, it will compound any crisis you have.

Ongoing training and assessments also help identify and mitigate organizational vulnerabilities before damaging the organization.

Think about how you can take steps to be proactive now, whether it is your planning, training, or community building, because you don’t want to be reactive at the worst moment.

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