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Public Relations and Advocacy 

Fitler Square Strategies is a public relations firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, specializing on advocacy and crisis communications. Working for governors, senators, and high-profile public affairs and political campaigns, we've been in some of the most significant political and public policy fights over the last 15 years. By developing and executing multi-channel, comprehensive advocacy and communications campaigns, we will help your organization advance its advocacy and public relations goals through strategic communications and stakeholder engagement. Every organization, initiative, or campaign needs a communications plan with clear goals and deliverables. We will develop a comprehensive communications plan with your organization's leadership that includes goals, messages, audiences, targets, tactics, deliverables, and calendars. We will base our planning on comprehensive research and audits of your organization's goals and needs.

Strategic Public Relations Campaign Plans 

As a PR agency focusing on advocacy, we start by learning their goals and developing strategic communications plans when we work with clients. Strategic campaign plans are comprehensive and structured documents that outline the goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, timelines, and budgets necessary to achieve specific campaign outcomes. These plans are critical tools that provide direction, focus, and accountability for campaign activities and help ensure success. A well-crafted strategic campaign plan is essential for any successful campaign. It provides a roadmap for campaign activities, ensures stakeholder alignment, and provides a framework for ongoing measurement and optimization. 

Multi-Channel Public Relations Plans 

Fitler Square Strategies is a PR firm that works with clients to develop comprehensive strategic plans. An essential part of the strategic communications plan is the multi-channel communications plan. Multi-channel communications plans refer to organizations' communication strategies to reach their target audiences through diverse communication channels such as social media, email, websites, mobile apps, and traditional media. These plans ensure that brands communicate effectively with their audiences, considering their interests, preferences, and behaviors. Multi-channel communications plans involve several steps, including audience research, message development, channel selection, content creation, and performance evaluation. 

Message Development

Organizations need clear, concise, compelling messages communicating the campaign's value proposition to the target audience. We help organizations develop messaging using data, research, and stakeholder conversations. We work with clients to create messaging that resonates with their key audiences and provide talking points, message boxes, and other collateral to support messaging efforts. 

Media Relations and Earned Media 

Media relations is a strategic communication process that involves building and maintaining relationships with media outlets and journalists to promote positive coverage of an organization or its activities. Through effective media relations, you can secure valuable earned media.

We have experience working with reporters and media nationally from top cable news programs to weekly newspapers. We provide media relations services, including press releases, media pitches, press conferences, and media tours to build relationships with journalists. 

Paid Media and Advertising 

With paid media and advertising, businesses can target audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, enabling them to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. We have run hundreds of paid media campaigns, from micro-targeted advocacy campaigns to multi-million advertising campaigns across television and radio. We work with clients to understand their needs and tailor paid media campaigns to their goals. We work with organizations to carefully analyze their advertising options, set their budgets, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns to ensure they get the best return on their investment.

Coalition Building and Stakeholder Engagement 

Advocacy campaigns need diverse coalitions and reliable stakeholders. When engaging with an advocacy client, we research to identify potential coalition partners and stakeholders, their interests, attitudes, and behavior. We analyze information to segment the audience and prioritize the most influential and relevant groups.

We reach out to campaign partners, build coalitions, and keep them engaged through the campaign process. We work to turn them into validators for the campaign effort. The goal is to build a broad and diverse coalition that can leverage its members' collective resources, expertise, and influence to achieve a shared goal.

Community Outreach and Community Engagement 

Whether you are trying to build a mixed-use facility or a commercial plant, it is important to have a strong community engagement plan. Often securing community support for a project can be challenging. We've worked on some of the largest projects in Pennsylvania's history, from industrial facilities to headquarters relocations. We know how to secure approval for significant projects. We extensively research the local environment and work with the client to develop and execute an outreach plan that secures community support and mitigates concerns. 

Social Media and Digital Media 

We work with clients to develop social media campaigns and execute paid digital advertising. We work with clients to ensure their tactics align with the goals of their strategic plans. We analyze the target audience and select the appropriate social media platforms that align with the organization's goals and have a high potential for engagement and conversion. We create engaging content that resonates with the audience across all social media channels, including paid ads, and optimize it for each platform to maximize engagement and conversion. We use our expertise and experience to determine the best budget allocation, targeting, ad formats, and channels to deliver the client's best return on investment (ROI). We measure success by measuring KPIs such as engagement rate, conversions, click-through rate, and ROI. We track the performance of the social media campaign and paid digital advertising and make data-driven decisions to optimize the campaign's elements to achieve the best results.

Collateral and Content Development 

For any campaign, it is critical to have foundational documents and collateral that set the messaging for the work. ​We develop talking points, one-pagers, fact sheets, message boxes, and other content to follow messaging guidance and help our clients stay on message. 

Influencer Marketing 

The media landscape is changing, and your public relations agency needs to have influencer marketing offerings. We use leading platforms and relationships to develop influencer marketing campaigns. 

Research and Surveys 

We have experience conducting internal assessments and using data, surveys, and other research to determine the best strategy for your organization. We partner with research firms and pollsters to learn how to position and navigate your organization and campaign. From communications and vulnerability audits to self or competitor research, we can help your organization assess the environment and develop the right strategy to succeed. 


Indirect Lobbying 

We are a registered lobbying firm. We develop and execute indirect lobbying campaigns in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We use our experience in government, politics, and public relations to build effective indirect lobbying campaigns that reach the right audience and move legislators, administrators, and other officials. We have years of experience and have worked for the top elected officials in Pennsylvania and built effective campaigns on various issues, including health care, education, and energy. We develop strategic campaigns based on your goals, targets, and audiences. We provide professional counsel and creative campaigns for industries and causes ranging from education to economic development. 

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