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Find a top lobbying and public affairs firm in Pennsylvania

Lobbyists, lobbying firms, government relations firms, public affairs firms, or government affairs firms. There are many different ways to label a business that helps organizations achieve their policy or regulatory goals.

Fitler Square Strategies describes our work as public affairs. We sit at the intersection of politics, communications, and policy.

No matter what you call it, what should your look for in a Pennsylvania firm, and how does Fitler Square Strategies stand out?

What to look for in a Pennsylvania lobbying firm?

Lobbying firms are trusted advisors for their clients. Pennsylvania government relations firms must have extensive bipartisan networks of contacts and strategy experience to achieve results for their clients. Each lobbying firm has unique experiences and relationships with decision-makers, but no matter what, lobbying firms need government contacts to have an impact and be successful in Harrisburg and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania firms must be familiar with the Pennsylvania capitol and the policy and political environment, including the legislature and the administration, to help clients navigate complex policies and regulations.

It is also helpful for the leaders of firms to have extensive and diverse experience in government, politics, and the private sector. Public affairs professionals need diverse experience at many levels of government and with different industries.

As a firm in Pennsylvania, how does Fitler Square Strategies stand out:

Why should you choose Fitler Square Strategies as your public affairs firm?

We have years of experience at the highest level, including as senior staff for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey's campaign.

We have worked in state and federal government as well as campaigns and the private sector. We understand the intersection of policy and politics. We have developed and executed public affairs strategies that include legislative and administrative outreach, paid communications, earned media, social media, and more. We help organizations or businesses think about their goals and craft outreach plans aligning with them. We not only provide planning and advice, we can also execute plans whether you need help with media relations, paid media, social media, or digital marketing.

We have had success achieving organizational goals in and out of government and we can help guide organizations to success.

How does Fitler Square Strategies develop and execute public affairs plans?

Fitler Square Strategies does indirect lobbying. That means we develop and execute public relations, public affairs, and communications plans to influence public opinion and drive policy or regulatory change.

We know politics, public relations, and policy, allowing us to advocate for causes and develop strategies to achieve goals and achieve change. We have in-depth knowledge of policies and industries from our time in government, on campaigns, and in the private sector. We can provide information and insight to clients.

We are a firm based in Pennsylvania with extensive experience and a network of government and stakeholder contacts in Harrisburg and Washington, DC.

We have nearly 20 years of experience at the intersection of communications, policy, and politics, and we can help businesses, organizations, or individuals successfully navigate complex situations.

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